Our Plan


Recruit future leaders using data-driven organizing

In 2017, we're focusing on a handful of competitive State House races in Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina. We believe in data-driven activist and candidate recruitment that relies on organizing. That means our staff and volunteers will be working in communities to look for those who exhibit leadership characteristics, not cookie-cutter qualificationsWe're hitting the ground to find the budding activists and candidates that more normative recruitment models might miss. 


develop a robust, national scouting program

First Ask is developing a national network of talent scouts to help us identify new progressive leaders across the country. These scouts will be everyone from grocery store cashiers to teachers to faith leaders. First Ask will train everyone wanting to help find new leaders who will drive change. By the time we're done, the progressive movement will have hundreds -- maybe even thousands -- of talent scouts across the country, ready to help recruit tomorrow's activists and candidates. 


Build a progressive leadership pipeline 

Officially partnered with Emerge America and Deck Apps, we're coordinating with the training, fundraising, and management organizations that support progressive activists and candidates. We'll build a pipeline for progressive women by keeping open channels of communication with those partners and fostering smooth transitions between stages of leadership.


In 2017, we’ll test our models, adjust them, and expand.

In 2018 and beyond, we’ll expand on our 2017 models to include both State Senate and local races in key districts. We’ll coordinate with groups like EMILY’s List, the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee, and Democratic Governor’s Association to identify states that will be most helpful to 2020 progressive redistricting goals.