Tess Rabin entered politics during her sophomore year at Boston University. She began by working on Elizabeth Warren’s inaugural senate campaign in 2012. Her mission was to mobilize and develop the vast student population in Boston. Inspired by the power of the student vote, Tess augmented her previous experience level working with Rock the vote, Headcount, and the Andrew Goodman Foundation by continuing the work of building the student voting population in Boston. After four years in the deep freeze of the East Coast, Tess moved to sunny San Diego California to work with the ACLU on their Voting rights project. In the fall of 2015 Tess moved to Iowa City as a staffer for the Hillary Clinton campaign. She traveled to Colorado and Washington state during primary season and ended the 2016 presidential race as a Regional Director in Fairfax county Virginia. Inspired by the people of Virginia Tess jumped on Kathy Tran’s race for delegate as her finance director in 2017.

Tess has created a track record working for strong, intelligent inspirational women who create a ladder for those coming next. She is thrilled to be working for First Ask empowering and inspiring women across the country to run for public office. Using her experience and unabashed passion for raising money, Tess is excited to take on the fundraising strategy for First Ask. Her responsibilities include both internal fundraising and assisting all of the First Ask candidates in navigating the challenging world of campaign finance. Tess believes that for our country to be truly successful we need women as representatives in all levels of government from federal to state and local. 


Emily Blumberg- Director

Before joining First Ask, Emily worked for the Iowa Democratic Coordinated Campaign in 2014. It was in Carroll, Iowa (the jewel of western Iowa for anyone wondering) that she fell in love with organizing and the power of local campaigns. Emily joined Hillary Clinton's campaign mid-2015 in eastern Iowa, later traveling to Spokane, WA and Cleveland, OH. Like many people after the 2016 election, Emily found herself listening to a lot of Beyonce albums and searching for new ways to be effective. She spent the year consulting for Protect Our Care, Town Hall Project and MobilizeAmerica in addition to working for a multi-family housing organization. 

Now more than ever, Emily is thrilled to work for an organization to empower women in communities across the country to run for office. She feels passionately about managing the recruitment strategy at First Ask because of its emphasis on community-based organizing. For Emily, First Ask is the necessary intersection of identifying the right women to run for office and arming them with the resources to be successful at such a critical time.