Our Mission:


We give self identifying women the tools to become innovators in their political field and grow to be the voice of self indentifying women everywhere.


Our Impact

Here at First Ask we have contacted and recruited self identifying women from all over the country to encourage in running for office in the local and federal level. From city council to state legislatures, we have helped powerful self identifying women harness their voice so that they can be the agent of change that they wish to see in the world. We have successfully helped 14 self identifying women run and organize successful campaigns,  build their networking groups and become the powerful women they were always destined to be.  We know that on average a women will be asked seven times to run for office before she says, and we want to be her First Ask.



years of campaigning experience

Here at First Ask were have two directors that have been successfully coordinating and contributing to political campaigns nation wide since 2012. Ranging from Elizabeth Warren's 2012 inaugural campaign, to Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential Election. 



Partnering organizations  

In the last year and a half we have been able to partner with 12 political organizations working to  prepare self identifying women for  a successful political campaign through training programs.



hundreds of phone calls made 

We have worked hard on campaign call days to further expand and strengthen our rapport that we have established with other organizations, communities, and political organizations and offices nation wide.



Our Mission

Our goal here at the First Ask is to help powerful self identifying women become involved in their state legislatures and become the voice of their community. We aspire to help powerful self identifying women reach their full potential and be the agent of change that the traditional government status quo needs by giving potential candidates networking opportunities, guidance and support through their journey to further advance their possibilities of obtaining a political position to create change. 

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august 1995

Women's empowerment is gaining ground because so many brave women have been unwilling to accept anything less. 

– Madeleine Albright

Get Involved

Here at the First Ask we are constantly looking for motivated, inspired, dedicated individuals who want to create a change in our political world. We offer year round internship opportunities in our organization which can be done in Washington, D.C. or from your remote location. Students may receive course credit for internship. Staff will work with the school/adviser on achieving desired learning outcomes and completing all necessary paperwork.

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Here at First Ask we are constantly looking for goal driven, diverse and inspired people who want to be an agent of change in our current political environment by empowering women to run for political positions that challenge the current political status quo.


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Help create an inclusive and representative government in our nation by donating today. Together we can help grow and support a strong bench of democratic women in state and local offices! 

We need your Help!

Here at First Ask, we focus on community-based candidate recruitment.

You know your community best and we want to follow your lead to find women who would be a great representative but hasn't been asked yet

Join LEAP (Locally-Established Advocate Program) as a Volunteer Advocate to help find women in your area to run for office.

We will train you on how to search for the right person for office, and provide the tools to start those critical conversations with women and to ultimately make the first ask of them to run for office. And then the second. And the third. And however many it takes to show them we think they would make great representatives of their community and empower them to run!

Be a part of this team that will help close the gender gap in representation and build a strong bench of women to continue running for office in the future.