Founded by a group of women from Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, First Ask is a progressive activist and candidate recruitment initiative.

We want to close the gender gap in national politics by increasing the number of women running at local and state-levels across the country.

We're going to do it by using data-driven organizing, teaming up with allied organizations, and building pipelines to ensure the success of future progressive leaders.


why should you care about this?

We have a huge problem in the United States. We rank 97th in the world for the proportion of women in national politics, coming in behind nearly all other developed countries. Women represent less than 1/4 of state legislatures -- and women of color less than 5%. But we know that women in politics are pragmatic, and have been shown to be exceptionally collaborative, coalition-oriented legislators. Why aren't more of them running?


Here's the Problem:

When a woman runs for office, she is just as likely to win as any man. But recruitment is critical. Studies have shown that women need to be asked, in fact several times, before they typically agree to run. Only about 1/3 of current women in state legislatures were not recruited. 

Yet it isn't happening. Despite needing recruitment far more than men, women are significantly less likely to be encouraged to run. And currently, there is no national organization that exists solely to recruit women for office, especially for local and state-level races. 


What we can do: 


First Ask has formed to tackle this massive, institutional problem. Here's how you can help: