Our Mission:


We give self-identifying women the tools to become innovators in their political field and grow to be the voice of self identifying women everywhere.


Our Impact

At First Ask, we recruit self-identifying women across the country to run for office at the state and local level. From city councils to statewide office, we help powerful, self-identifying women harness their voices to effect change in government. We work with 15 self-identifying women to organize their campaigns, build their networking groups and achieve success on election day.  We know on average, women will be asked seven times to run for office before they decide to run for office, and we want to be the First Ask.



years of campaigning experience

First Ask's directors have been involved in political campaigns nationwide since 2012. From Elizabeth Warren's 2012 campaign for Senate and Hillary Clinton's 2016 Presidential campaign to a number of successful House of Delegates races in Virginia 2017, the directors have experience working with self-identifying women up and down the ticket. 



Partnering organizations  

First Ask partners with 12 political organizations that prepare and provide resources for candidates to run successful political campaigns, including training programs, digital expertise and fundraising tools. First Ask's model connects candidates with these resources once they've made the decision to run.



hundreds of calls made 

First Ask's recruitment model centers around organizing. Calling connects First Ask to grassroots groups, volunteers and activists across the country who can advocate for and to the self-identifying women who should run for office.


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Our Mission

First Ask seeks to close the gender gap in representation by recruiting qualified, self-identifying women to run for office. Focusing on an organizing model, First Ask works to build a bench of candidates to run for office; after all, when self-identifying women run, they win. As such, it is our goal at First Ask to empower more self-identifying women to make the leap to run.

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august 1995

"Women's empowerment is gaining ground because so many brave women have been unwilling to accept anything less." 

– Madeleine Albright

Get Involved

We're looking for dedicated individuals to create change. We offer internships each semester in Washington, D.C. and remotely, where interns can get real-life experience and training in a number of departments. Students may receive course credit for the internship. Staff will work with the school/adviser on achieving desired learning outcomes and completing all necessary paperwork. 

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Join our team to learn the ins and outs of campaigns and the recruitment process. Work with our candidates and help us identify candidates for future cycles!


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Help create an inclusive and representative government by donating today. Together we can help grow and support a strong bench of democratic women in state and local offices! 

We need your Help!

We focus on community-based candidate recruitment.

You know your community best and we want to follow your lead to find self identifying women who would be a great representative but hasn't been asked yet. Join LEAP (Locally-Established Advocate Program) as a Volunteer Advocate to help find self identifying women in your area to run for office.

We will train you on how to search for the right person for office, and provide the tools to start those critical conversations with women and to ultimately make the first ask of them to run for office. And then the second. And the third.

Be a part of this team that will help close the gender gap in representation and build a strong bench of women to continue running for office in the future.